GeoReactor-JS documentation

GeoReactor: start function

Tell the library where to insert the map-div, and set initial view on the map

Adding interactive JSON data

Send one or more data files in a data array. You no longer need to specify the lat/lng/zoom, because the map will automatically center on loaded data.

The popups property activates a native API popup. If you want to use a custom renderer, set the GEOREACTOR.initReact function.

Setting a tile layer

If you are adding image tiles, their URLs should have a pattern which you can send as a template

Customizing field labels and display values

Use a JSON format to change how different fields appear in popups and labels.

Re-order and re-format fields

Add a special _order JSON array to change which fields appear first (any unlisted will appear after these first set)

Labels and values can be set to JavaScript functions.